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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year Package - Spread designed by me in 2016

Happy New Year to all my readers. To start 2019 off I'm sharing one of my spreads I designed back in 2016 called New Year Package. It's a 5 card spread designed to help you understand what to focus on in the coming year.
The Layout is very simple:

2.  5   3

1: What should I focus on in 2019?

2: What do I need to release? 

3: What do I need to add?

4:One thing to change to make 2019 a success.

5: Based on the above cards the overall outlook.

Okay let's take this spread for a spin. Shuffling up the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

©Lo Scarabeo Torino Italy

1: The Star - It appears that what I should focus on in 2019 is remaining positive and having faith in myself and my abilities.  This is the year when I renew my sense of purpose and remain open to new ideas.

2: Four of Swords - What I need to release is the need to hold back or procrastinating over making a decision or moving forward.  The time for sitting back is now over.

3: Nine Wands - What I need to add is the courage to take that step into the unknown in order to experience new things and the determination to overcome any obstacles I may encounter.

4:  Eight Wands - One thing to change to make 2019 a success is not to overreact to any situation, but to consider my response before acting.

5: Seven of Swords -  The overall outlook for the coming year seems to be one where I will come up with new strategies that will help me achieve my goals.  I like that the overall outlook is a number 7 card because, 7's can get us to look inwards, to accept our limitations and to explore what we are capable of. The result of this exercise is personal growth and self knowle

I have in this reading only one major card which tells me if I really want to change anything then I need to have faith in myself.  Interesting that out of the other four cards are two swords and two wands - thought and action - it shows me it is how we think about something that influences our actions.  There are no cups in this reading which seems to indicate that all is well emotionally in my life, and I can concur with that conclusion. 

If you do try out the spread do leave me a comment on how you got on with it.


Friday, December 21, 2018

Advice from Alice for Christmas Day

Today I thought it would be a good idea to ask my Alice in Wonderland Oracle what is the one thing we need to remember on Christmas Day?

The Card that came up was 'It's Always Teatime'
This deck is by Lucy Cavendish and the beautiful artwork is by Jasmine Becket Griffin. It is a Blue Angel Publication.

 What is Alice telling us?  Well, it looks like she's saying that if you are bored with the same old routine that happens on your Christmas Day, then reinvent it! Alice seems to think that it's the perfect time to challenge the way things are done.

Whatever your Christmas Day routine is, I wish you a joyful time.

Happy Christmas

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Numbers and How They Relate to Tarot - No.3

Created by © Helen Howell
Three's in the tarot sequence tend to show the first stage of completion. They can represent for us growth and expansion. Now, if we look at the sequence,  what we have is where the one divides into two and the two come together to create a third.

What we are seeing in the threes, is where the idea has emerged from the Ace and two then carries out that idea, so that the three bears the fruit of that idea. It relates to growth and expansion because it shows how an idea can be taken and expanded so that it becomes a reality.  In other words, it is the creative result of that initial idea. Threes then, represents in the tarot sequence any one of the following: fulfilment, creativity, expansion, growth.

I have read that the number three is essentially related to Jupiter, a planet of abundance, joy and good luck. This aspect of the number can very often be seen in the tarot card Three of Cups. Three does seem to be a number of self expression and the ability to adopt a creative approach, but three also does have a down side. If that creativity that exists in it, is not developed, then you get a more depressive side to it, we see that in the Three of Swords.

When we think of three as a symbol, things like mind, body spirit or the Holy Trinity, seem to emerge. So here is another aspect of the number three and that is the ability to bring things into harmony. Essentially three does seem to show us this creative energy by combining various elements together. But three is just the first stage of completion and therefore suggest that a forward movement is still desired.

Finally three does seem to be a number that also indicates that in order to achieve, we must learn to work with others so that our creativity is used to its best end and brings that joy and happiness into our life, that is represented by its association with the planet Jupiter. 

Lets first look at the Major Arcana Card The Empress. We do see the creative aspect at work in this card that is represented by its number. The Empress represents for us the ability to create, whether that creation be a new project or an actual birth of a baby. She shows us how two have come together to create a third and how to manifest that abundance into everyday life.  Also she symbolises for us how working with others can create something else that can be rewarding and fulfilling.

 On to the Minors:

Three of Wands, demonstrates that working with others aspect of the number and the first stage of completion. We see here that the decision made in the two, is now being manifested in the three. The man watches the ships sail away. He has had to demonstrate his faith in the process of working with others.  
The other aspect that is symbolised in this card is expansion and growth, which ultimately should lead to fulfillment. Yet we still see in this card the forward movement that threes indicate - they say you have only just completed this phase, the next is still to come!

Three of Cups, in this card we clearly see the element of joy, fulfillment and happiness. Also this card demonstrates the bringing together of three aspects, whether be three friends having a good time, or aligning your mind, body and spirit so that you can experience a feeling of wholeness and joy.  There is a certain amount of creativity expressed in this image as is the working together with others and the awareness of how we each contribute and affect those around us. 

Three of Swords. This card demonstrates how two energies have reacted together and bears fruit in the three. All creativity seems lost and there is a sense of depression and sadness. But, if you notice there is light on the horizon. It therefore, also suggests an aspect of creativity. If this is employed then this phase will be complete and the next one can begin.

What this shows us is that the tension that was seen in the Two of Swords, has now manifested in the three.  Here is the opportunity of the aspect of three that is expansion and growth, because there is a chance to see things as they really are (the light, illumination) and resolve what has been a painful situation.

Three of Pentacles. Clearly we see expansion and growth associated with the number three as well as working with others, while adopting a creative approach to a situation.  There is a sense of achievement from this first stage of completion that brings joy and fulfillment. However, this card also shows us that in order to achieve the end goal one has to keep working at it. (Forward movement).

In the Two of Pentacles we saw the pentacles being juggled, perhaps symbolising for us the creative approach needed to balance things out. Now we see in the Three of Pentacles how this approach has helped him achieve the first stage towards his goal and how he is able to work with others.

Threes then in the tarot sequence, do show us that initial completion stage. How that creative energy is combined with various elements that exist to create a desired outcome. It also shows that forward movement is what is needed to achieve that final outcome.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Spread for Halloween

Here's a little spread for Halloween created around a spider's web.  This has been in my folder for many years. I can't remember whose it is. I have a feeling it might be one of my own, but it could be someone elses.  If anyone recognises it as someones, let me know and I'll credit them. 

1: The Skeleton in the cupboard  - something you need to face or acknowledge right now.

2: Bats in the Belfry - What you need to do to clear away any negative thoughts.

3: Ghost or Ghoul? - What needs to be changed.

4: Witches spell - what will help you succeed.

5: Monsters under the bed - One more thing that may be hidden.

6: Jacko Lantern - This will light the way forward.

Shuffling up the Deviant Moon Tarot, I'll take this spread for  a spin to demonstrate it:

1: The Skeleton in the cupboard is Queen of Wands
It appears that perhaps what I need to acknowledge right now is that at times I need to be more confident in my approach to new things. The Queen is a no. 13 and breaks down to 4. This is the number of security, stability and structure. Combined with this Queen's energy it reinforces the need to be more confident.

2: Bats in the Belfry is 4 of Pentacles:
What I need to do to clear away any negative thoughts is not be afraid of the unknown, open myself up to newer ideas and be brave enough to share them.  Again we have another no. 4. This number does act like a bridge to the next phase, what is learnt at this point will help me reach the end of my journey.

3: Ghost or Ghoul? is 9 of Pentacles:

 What I need to change? If I look at the pentacles they surround her wherever she goes.  It's that feeling of entrapment, the need to not feel that I have to keep on keeping on in the same direction if I don't want to that needs to be changed. This is a no. 9 card the number that can represent struggles, self-evaluation and ultimate goal. 

4: Witches spell   The Lovers:

I love that one figure is white and the other black, opposites. This card tells me what will help me is to harmonise those opposing forces that exist within me, so that they may work together, rather than against one another. Notice there is a snake at the bottom of the man's leg. Snakes shed their skin and this could well symbolise the transformation that will occur when all is in harmony.  This is a no. 6 card, 6's in the tarot sequence often represent harmony and respite after the disruption of the 5's. It can be a number that signifys communication, realisation, balance and harmony. It's a card that asks us to see the good things we have achieved and appreciate what we have got.
5: Monsters under the bed is Ace of Swords:
The one thing that remains hidden from me is my sense of inner strength. If I acknowledge this ability that lies within, then courage and determination will never fail me. It tells me to sort out my ideas into some order from which I can proceed. By gaining this sense of clarity, enlightenment will follow to any situation I apply it.  It's a No. 1 card and shows me the potential that exists.

6: Jacko Lantern is 5 of Wands:

What will light the way forward reinforces the previous card. By getting my thoughts into a working order, where there is no conflict of direction, the action that one takes will be clear and not confused. I know many see this card as a card of struggles and conflict, but it can also indicate that one may have trouble in translating their ideas into the real world. The card above gives the clue to how to light the way and this card indicates, that working together whether it be between positive and negative thoughts or with others, is the road to success.  A no. 5 card that can represent challenges, conflict but also the opportunity to change, shift in direction and freedom of choice.  It is the choices we make that cause us strife or success.

Well, lots to think about there.  If you do try out this spread I would love to hear how you got on.  Helen

Card Credit:
Deviant Moon Tarot By Patrick Valenza
Published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Numbers and how they relate to Tarot Cards - No.2

Two's often represent a duality that exists but they also suggest union, choice, co-operation and balance. The other thing that shows up with a number two is opposites, eg: masculine-feminine, positive-negative, physical-spiritual.  Two's can very often be about balancing out those opposing forces. Here in the two we see where the one has divided into two different forces. This division can go two ways either conflict or balance.  I have read that the number 2 is ruled by the Moon and therefore, peace and harmony in relationships appears to be important.

It's interesting that this number is ruled by the Moon, as the Major Arcana Card for this, is the High Priestess, which is also ruled by the Moon. In the High Priestess card we see the aspect of duality, in that she has an awareness of the duality within - her unconscious and her conscious. She has a passive energy, she meditates recognising this duality of physical and spiritual and knowing that the real power lies within her depths. It is by withdrawing that she can access these hidden secrets and bring them into her consciousness.

In the Minor Arcana we see that the two's exhibit those balancing of opposite forces and how  these two forces can join to become something more creative. Let's look at the individual cards.

Two of Wands - Energy & Action, Creative intuition. Here we see the aspect of duality of choice, what action will give the best results.  In short, creative vision at work.

Two of Cups - Feelings, Emotions, Intuition, Inspiration. Here we see the aspect of union, the bringing together of two opposites so that they may harmonise and work as one. We also see the aspect of balancing of opposites as well.

Two of Swords - Clarity, Communication, Mental Activity. Again we see the duality between thoughts in this card but also the balance of those two forces have drawn a stalemate. They are holding each other in check.  This demonstrates the aspect of choice, the choice needs to be made in this card in order to release the tension that is felt.

Two of Pentacles - Material, The Tangible, Money. In this card we see the aspect of balance and co-operation. It shows the ability to balance out different elements in life, eg: 2 jobs, or those finances etc. But there is also movement in this card. Here we see that the balancing ofthos two forces could result in either stress/conflict or harmony/balance.

Overall though, the number two does seem to lean towards that balancing aspect and the creation or harmony rather than disruption. 

My write-ups on the number sequence in tarot are based on my understanding of many sources accessed over a period of several years.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Numbers and how they relate to tarot cards. No.1

A long time ago I wrote for another blog, a series on numbers and how they relate to the tarot cards.  These write ups on the number sequence in tarot are based on my understanding of many sources accessed over a period of several years.  I thought it worth revisiting these write ups here on this blog. The information may be helpful to new readers as well as more established readers. So lets kick off with number 1.

One is the number related to the beginning of things. It indicates potential and creativity. I have read that this is a number ruled by the Sun. Therefore it's packed with solar energy that manifests itself as courage and willpower.  It is a number associated with new starts and those new starts are reflected in each of the minor suits as well as the Major Card.

We will see this number in action when applied to The Magician. My key words for The Magician are 'You have the power to create.'  What he does, is show us the potential we could have and demonstrates to us the willpower needed to manifest it into a reality.

His 'as above so below' stance, not only applies to manifesting the spiritual into the physical world, but also to taking these ideas from your subconscious and moving them into your consciousness, from there they can be transformed into something tangible.  

Now lets look at each of the minor pips:

Ace of Wands - Energy & Action, Creative intuition. Wands are a masculine energy, an active energy, this card represents within it's number that a new and creative idea needs to be grabbed and set in motion.

Ace of Cups - Feelings, Emotions, Intuition, Inspiration.  This is the beginning of a new sense of emotions. It suggests that you tap into those deep emotions and understand why and how they affect you.

Ace of Swords- Clarity, Communication, Mental Activity. This card represents within this number new thoughts, ideas springing up.  Swords is a Masculine Energy and urges one to put those thoughts and ideas into some order from which to proceed. 

Ace of Pentacles - Material, The Tangible, Money. This is the beginning of manifestation, it tells us that the time is right to turn those ideas into something more tangible and work towards a successful completion.

So, as you can see, the number one represents the beginning of something new. It's not just the promise of a new beginning, it's also the promise of the potential that comes with it. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

card for the Weekend

Wonderland Tarot by Christopher & Morgana Abbey
Artwork by Morgana Abbey
Published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Ok it's Friday here so how about we ask the Tarot what the weekend holds eh!
Shuffling up the Wonderland tarot and It's the Hierophant! Perhaps this weekend we will all learn something new! Remember learning something new take patience. Make sure you have all the information you need before you go ahead. The Wonderland Tarot's Hierophant is the caterpillar who sits on the mushroom, one side of it for growing and one side of it for shrinking - stay balanced this weekend, (the mushroom symbolises for us the balancing of opposites.) Whatever the weekend holds for you, have a good one!

Wonderland Tarot by Christopher & Morgana Abbey
Artwork by Morgana Abbey
Published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.