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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ask Alice - Alice has some advice for Boris J

Alice The Wonderland Oracle  by Lucy  Cavendish - Blue Angel Publication

Alice seems to think she has the right advice for BOJO  lets see what she has to say.

Alice's advice to BOJO is Keep your Temper. By this she means when things aren't going your way you need to keep a check on becoming irritable and less patient than you should be.  She says, remember that more is achieved with a cool head rather than a hot one!    
Wake Up! Did you hear her yell that?  This is your moment in time, make it count, be assertive not aggressive. 
Follow your Own Good Advice,  Alice says learn from your mistakes, you may have personal expectations that have not come to fruition. This is a reminder to take in the bigger picture, and find the clarity that is needed to find success. Look within yourself, often that's where the truth lies. This is where you may well find the answer to some practical solutions.

Well, Alice, you seem to be a very wise oracle.

Alice The Wonder land Oracle by Lucy Cavendish - Artwork by Jasmin Becket-Griffith.
Published by Blue Angel.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Ask Alice - Climate Change

This deck is by Lucy Cavendish and the beautiful artwork is by Jasmine Becket Griffin. It is a Blue Angel Publication.
Today I decided to ask Alice a topical question, one that the world needs to consider. My question to Alice is "What 's your advice about Climate Change?"

I shuffled up and cut and pulled three cards:
Alice says: - Wake Up! - Lead the Way - You Can't go back to Yesterday


Alice's first piece of advice is Wake up, this is the moment. Be aware of what is being asked of you and meet the challenge. No more day dreaming world, be fully aware of what is happening around you.

Alice's second piece of advice is
Lead the Way.  She's says this is no time
to sit back and wait for others to do it.
It's time to show what needs to be done. 
The best way Alice tells us, is to show not 
tell. Be active in helping your planet survive.

The final piece of advice from Alice is You can't go back to yesterday, by this she means remain in the present, thinking about how things were is not going to impact of how things are right now. Things have evolved and changed and it is right now in the present that we should act.

Well, I for one was amazed at Alice's answers and how she managed to hit the spot for what needs to be done. Piecing her advice together she is saying, Wake up to your situation, don't wait for others to do something, be active and show others what to do. Yesterday has gone, today is the future, act on the present in order to bring about change.

Thanks Alice, great advice!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Numbers and how they relate to Tarot - Number 5

Five is very often a number in tarot that is associated with loss, conflict, struggles and challenges.  It appears to have a disruptive quality within the tarot sequence. But it is also a number that provides opportunity for change or a chance to shift your direction. It can be said to be a number that heralds expansion, freedom, exploration or even adventure.

The negative aspect of five is when one uses their mind destructively making themselves and others unhappy - 5 of swords comes to mind here. Five does seem to include that ingredient of expansion, freedom, opportunity for change. But it also combines this with how one meets those challenges in life, and whether conflict or struggles arise because of a result of how we respond to them.

In Tarot then, five does seem to display the difficulties of the number, showing an element of uncertainty but at the same time it shows us how to expand and grow in mind, body and spirit.  You could say fives show us the problems and the answers, if we know where to look.

Lets look at the individual cards in the suits as well as the major.

In the Hierophant we see the aspect of the problem solver and expansion, growth and exploration. In his role of religious leader/teacher, he provides those who seek answers the guidance and the opportunity to find the spiritual meaning of their life.  But also the Hierophant stands for higher learning, education facilities etc. and this demonstrates again the quality of exploration and an expansion of knowledge. This then gives the opportunity of change or shift in direction.  Indicating that knowledge in all forms is freedom.

Five of Wands: - Energy, action and creative intuition.
In this  card we see the aspect of conflict, struggles, as shown in the Rider Waite Five of young men battling with each other.  This shows how life can present us with annoying problems, or how competition can become unhealthy when it is allowed to get out of hand. The creativity that exists with the Wands Suit isn't flowing freely. But the opportunity for change exists - a change in direction.
If you look at the Rider Waite Five of Wands you will see that the boys are nearly forming a pentacle with their wands, and it shows with a little rethinking of strategies, the boys could work together instead of against each other.  There in the one card you have the problem and the answer!

Five of Cups: - Feelings, emotions, intuition, inspiration.
The Five of Cups illustrates for us that disruptive quality, where the negativity of the number comes out when the mind has been allowed to go in a more pessimistic and destructive direction.

There is also the aspect of struggle here, the struggle with one's emotions. That is the problem that exists, yet the card also holds the answer in the two cups that stand upright. They are what represent inspiration and creativity.  The card now demonstrates the aspects of a shift in a different direction. It shows us how to solve this problem by turning our attention and emotions to other things so that an opportunity to change exists and with it comes the exploration of what is possible.

Five of Swords: - Clarity, communication and mental activity.
Again we see the aspect of conflict, struggles and a freedom of choice highlighted in this card.
The problem show that this five illustrates for us is one of communication breakdown and maybe even a lack in directing creative power in a constructive way. Ask yourself who is the victor and who is the looser in this card?  Or are they both loosers?

The answer is provided by allowing one to shift their thinking pattern by looking at the situation they are in, and working within those limitations so that a better solution can be found. Here in the answer to the problem we see the aspects of growth, exploration and freedom of choice this number offers.

Five of Pentacles: - Material, tangible, money.
Once more we see the aspects of struggles, conflict, uncertainty and loss. It illustrates how a loss of purpose in life has occurred. The loss appears to be in all areas, mind, body and spirit. Has the struggle been allowed to go on for too long? Has the person lost sight of what is really of value here?
All questions that deserve some thought.

What we also see in this card is the offer of a solution to this problem as symbolised by the stained glass window.  What does this symbol suggest then?  It seems to me to suggest that one should take note of all aspects of their life, that the first step is to help yourself. (Step inside the church and seek that help.) Here we witness the aspect of the number 5 offering the opportunity for change and how one meets the challenge that life throws up, also offers a shift in direction along with expansion and freedom.

Fives then not only signify adversity in tarot but they also show us the solutions.  So don't just think loss, conflict, struggles and challenges, instead think also turning point, change, expansion, exploration and most importantly, freedom of choice.

Radiant Rider Waite  - US Games Systems Inc.

My write ups on the number sequence in tarot are based on my understanding of many sources accessed over a period of several years. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Easter Egg Spread

As Easter is almost on our doorstep I thought it might be timely to share my Easter Egg Spread. This Spread was originally  created by me on 27th March 2013

The layout is a simple horizontal three cards in a line.  I have decided to take the Joie de Vivre for a spin, so her we go - shuffling up:-
Joie de Vivre by Paulina Cassidy Us Games Systems Inc. 

1: Undo the Bow:  This is the potential that exists for me.
2: Peel off the wrapping: The new beginning that I hope for.
3: Break into the chocolate: The first step I must take to manifest this goal.

1: Undo the Bow -Four of Coins- The potential that exists for me is the ability to make the best of what I have and in doing so this gives it a practical use and an enjoyable one. It reminds me to not allow the fear in anyway to block my flow of creativity, be ready to share what I have whether that be knowledge or skills, or money, for sharing is what makes the energy flow.

This is a number 4 card and indicates security, structure and stability but it can also indicate stagnation, entrapment.  This card then, when relating to this number does say don't get trapped by fear, but form a new structure which in turn creates stability.  Something to remember about the 4 of Coins is  Money is worth nothing if you don't spend it - it's just money!

2: Peel off the wrapping: 2 of Wands -  The new beginning that I may need is to make sure a balance is achieved and then one will get a clearer picture of the next move they are able to make.   I love that she has a minature world globe hovering above her hand, it indicates that the potential is there one just has to manifest those ideas so that they can take flight!

This is a number 2 and suggests balance, harmony, choice, duality, co-operation.  Here in relation to the 2 Wands, it reminds one of the duality of choice, what action will give one the best result? 

3: Break into the chocolate - Eight of Cups - The first steps to take - When I look at this image and I see the cat like figure floating up up up and away while holding onto his balloons, it says to me that one must be prepared to move forward, explore what those potentials hold and also get a different point of view - a new way of seeing things. Don't hang on to what has no value anymore, but trust in that inner voice to take you to new places. 

This is a number 8  which in tarot represents for us movement, power, decisions and gaining control. It's a number that suggests a new start to what may not have been working as well as one hoped.  It suggests practicality be applied if success is to be achieved, but not without some hard work.

Summery:  My Easter Egg Spread urges me not to sit still but to use the skills etc. that I have and make the best possible potential out of them. It tells me that in order to do this, I must remain balanced and be prepared to put my ideas into action but first consider all the facts. Take a practical approach to any new ideas, look at things in a different way and be prepared to work towards success.

Interesting reading.  I hope if you use this spread you too will get some valued information from your cards.  HAPPY EASTER!



Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Two Cards One Interpretation

 This exercise is about how to read cards together rather than individually.

Joie de Vivre Tarot -  Paulina Cassidy U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Memories from the past can be put into an order
 from which you can benefit your future.

Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy
Published by U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Numbers and how they relate to Tarot - No.4

4 is a number of structure, security, stability and material completion. When we think of four we can often think of four sides forming a square structure. Use that idea in tarot terms and we might think of the four elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth all forming equal sides of our physical world. Each element playing an important role in helping us form stability and structure in our lives.

Four however, does not just signify within its four sides, stability, structure and security, it also can mean containment, entrapment, limitation and stagnation.

Four in the tarot sequence shows us what has taken place in the first three cards, now is seen in the material world.  What we find when we get to a number four, is often that this becomes the moment we reflect on what has gone before. When four turns up it can act like a bridge to the next part of the journey. Here is where you stop and decide how you will cross that bridge.

This is a number that relates to reason and logic. You can see this reflective quality of the four coupled with reason and logic in the 4 of Swords, where time out is suggested to regroup your thoughts in order to proceed.

Number four appears to be a number that strives for balance, you see this illustrated in the World Card with the four figures representing the four elements and the four evangelists  - Matthew/human, Mark/lion, Luke/bull and John/eagle.

Four therefore represents the security gained from what has already been achieved, but it also seems to represent more of a time for respite and reflection in order to prepare for the future so that you can cross that bridge with confidence.

Lets see how it is represented in the individual cards:


In the Emperor we see the  structure, stability and security elements of four, along with recognising the aspects of limitations and restrictions.

Four of Wands: Energy - action-creative intuition. In this card we see the aspect of respite and reflection. This is energetic respite, a celebration of what has been achieved. However the bridge in the background reminds us that we cannot stop still for too long. 

 If we look back on the previous three cards, we see the idea in the Ace, the decision to act in the two and the expansion, growth and faith in the decision in the three. Which leads us to the celebration in the four. No wonder it's a party card! But as I mentioned before the bridge in the background illustrates for us that next step. It's a reminder that time out is good, but you do have to take the next step as this is only the first stage of completion. 

Four of Cups: Feelings, emotions, intuition, inspiration. This card shows us more of the restrictive side of 4, including stagnating and entrapment.

 What we see illustrated in this card is how we allow our feelings and emotions to trap us into non action. We see the hand offering him a special gift but he ignores it and the other three cups, because of the way he is allowing those feelings to stagnate within him. But also we see the reflective element of four and the need for reason and logic to come into play.

Four of Swords: Clarity, communication, mental activity. In this card we see the strong element of reflection that enables one to build the stability and security they desire.

In this card is illustrated the notion of taking a step back and allowing one's thoughts to regroup, so that a better plan of action can be formed for the future. Also we see the need to achieve balance and harmony once more. The four is taking a step back after the upset that occurs in No. 3 in order to allow time to heal  before going back into the world with a better foundation or structure to work from. So here again we see those elements of structure, stability and balance that the number four talks about.


Four of Pentacles: Material, the tangible, money. In this card we see a lot of the number four aspects illustrated from restriction, stagnation through to stability, security and structure.

We see the restrictive and stagnation qualities when we look at the card and see someone holding onto his wealth, fearful to let go in case he loses some of it. Here stagnation rears its ugly head because what is not realised is that his wealth has no value if not use. What he does with it gives it its value. We do see the establishment of wealth but we see how stagnation and entrapment has occurred because his attachment to it has become too much.

Now, if we take a different view point of this card, we can also see those elements of the number 4 that represent structure, stability and security. He has built his wealth which in turn gives him those elements in his life. 

Although this card is noted more for its negative qualities rather than the positive, it does raise the question, is it this fear of loss that leads to the Five of Pentacles?  Is it this lack of faith in what the future may bring or the resistance to taking a risk that leads to this entrapment that this number 4 and card so often show us?

The number four then does appear to be a transition stage, and a bridge to that next step or phase. It does appear to most definitely relate to reason and logic along with reflection. It seems true to say that what is learnt at this stage is what helps you complete the next stage.

Briefly then each element seems to represent this aspect of the number 4.

Wands - celebrate and enjoy what you have achieved so far but remember there is still a way to go.

Cups - Reassess your position  

Swords - Rest and reflect on your next move. 

Pentacles - Reflect on fear or creating wealth 


Radiant Rider Waite  - US Games Systems Inc.

My write ups on the number sequence in tarot are based on my understanding of many sources accessed over a period of several years. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year Package - Spread designed by me in 2016

Happy New Year to all my readers. To start 2019 off I'm sharing one of my spreads I designed back in 2016 called New Year Package. It's a 5 card spread designed to help you understand what to focus on in the coming year.
The Layout is very simple:

2.  5   3

1: What should I focus on in 2019?

2: What do I need to release? 

3: What do I need to add?

4:One thing to change to make 2019 a success.

5: Based on the above cards the overall outlook.

Okay let's take this spread for a spin. Shuffling up the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

©Lo Scarabeo Torino Italy

1: The Star - It appears that what I should focus on in 2019 is remaining positive and having faith in myself and my abilities.  This is the year when I renew my sense of purpose and remain open to new ideas.

2: Four of Swords - What I need to release is the need to hold back or procrastinating over making a decision or moving forward.  The time for sitting back is now over.

3: Nine Wands - What I need to add is the courage to take that step into the unknown in order to experience new things and the determination to overcome any obstacles I may encounter.

4:  Eight Wands - One thing to change to make 2019 a success is not to overreact to any situation, but to consider my response before acting.

5: Seven of Swords -  The overall outlook for the coming year seems to be one where I will come up with new strategies that will help me achieve my goals.  I like that the overall outlook is a number 7 card because, 7's can get us to look inwards, to accept our limitations and to explore what we are capable of. The result of this exercise is personal growth and self knowledge.

I have in this reading only one major card which tells me if I really want to change anything then I need to have faith in myself.  Interesting that out of the other four cards are two swords and two wands - thought and action - it shows me it is how we think about something that influences our actions.  There are no cups in this reading which seems to indicate that all is well emotionally in my life, and I can concur with that conclusion. 

If you do try out the spread do leave me a comment on how you got on with it.