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Sunday, July 5, 2020

A Fresh Look at the Courts - Page of Swords

 The suit of swords as we know  represents clarity, mental activity. The Page of Swords is representative of new thoughts. He indicates the ability to demonstrate original ideas and  clear thinking.  He likes to make use of those things he discovers, but his immaturity often can be an obstacle  as to how to make the best judgement.

As you can see  in the image he holds his sword above but he is not paying attention to it. If he is not focused on his thoughts they could go off in tangents, and lead him to act impulsively, and mistakes can be made. This of course is due to his immaturity.  What could this card then tell you if it  appears in a reading? Perhaps it suggests that one needs to make sure of their facts before taking action. There is no place for jumping to conclusions!

Also we can take a different perspective on the way he is holding his sword.  He does seem to have it perfectly balanced doesn't he? Again the sword representing his thoughts could tell us that he has mastered a reasonable balance between his thoughts and emotions.  But, do not be fooled this young chap will never let his emotions take fully over.

Maybe this Young Page hasn't quite got the hang of diplomacy, but he certainly will have a way with words and the ability to make himself clearly understood.

Ok what if this Page represent you in the reading, what could he be telling you?  Remember he is the start of the Courts in his suit, the youngster who is keen to learn fresh and new things, could he then be suggesting that you may need to learn something new, expand your mind etc.  He's not afraid of study.  Or perhaps he reminds you when trying to solve a problem whether you have all the facts to hand. He urges one to ask themselves how they can apply their objectivity best in order to get a result.

We mustn't forget that the Pages in Tarot are the messengers and this Pages message could well be one based in truth and facts. If he shows up he could be bringing you the piece of information you need or at least pointing you in the right direction to find it.

The main aspect of the Page of Swords is that he searches for information and is more than eager to learn new things.

Original Rider Waite -By A E Waite & Pamela Colman-Smith 

Published by  U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Friday, March 27, 2020

A Fresh Look at the Courts - Page of Cups

Pages = Exploration, Study - Messenger of their Suit.
First of all we need to remember that the Cups energy comes from the Water element and is expressed through emotion, feelings, imagination and inspiration.  So is our Page a dreamer?  Let's find out.

My key words for this Page are: Imagination ~new relationship ~ sensitive~ 
Negative: selfish~ insecure~not grounded~
The Rider Waite Page of Cups image is full of symbolism, so before we talk just about the page, let's see what this symbolism could be all about.  The colours chosen for this image do seem to tell us a lot about this character. His tunic appears to be a light blue, this can symbolise both water and sky for us. As a symbol of water, (and notice behind him he has water flowing also,) this can represent reflection, emotions, intuition, ideas coming up from the depth of the unconscious. Note here that the fish is coming out of his cup another connection to water. Do we then ask ourselves if this Page is dreaming or is he allowing his imagination to be set free? 

The blue related to the sky, also represents for him, spiritual aspirations.  Remember this Page is sensitive, empathic even. Are those tulips that decorate his tunic? Flowers are thought to depict spiritual thoughts (higher self coming through) and happiness - after all who doesn't like receiving a bunch of flowers!

Under this tunic he wears a garment that is red/brown in colour. Red is a symbolism for passion, energy and self confidence, while the brown element is earthy, grounding, stability. The two mixed together could tell us that he has to work hard at keeping his feet on the ground, not allow his passions to get out of control or balance.  

His boots are an orange colour. This is a colour that is toned down from the red and could well represent determination along with creativity. The cup he holds is yellow and symbolises for us mental activity.

Now,having looked at all of that symbolism it has told us a great deal about the young page.  He has imagination, even if he is not sure what to do with it just yet. There is a creative element to him, and he will take the time to reflect on those ideas and inspirations that he allows a life to.  He brings us the message of being able to look beyond the obvious and allowing your creativity to come through, but he also cautions us not to be stuck in a dream world. What good are those ideas if you don't set them free? 

Think of this Page as bringing you the message of new beginnings. Now because he is young, he could also indicate news of a birth or new friendship, but not all births are babies, it could also be the birth of a creative project or a sense of new feelings. With regard to the sense of feelings, that could relate to a very new friendship/relationship that must be tended carefully for it to blossom.
This Page as encouraging you to go with your heart when a new idea emerges and to allow yourself the joy of experiencing it.

One more thing to think about with this Page, in the tarot sequence he is number 11 and that breaks down to 1+1 =2. Twos often represent for us union, duality, choice, co-operation and importantly balance.   So our Page is young, not always sure what to do with his 'great ideas' but his number reminds us to keep our feet on the ground and our emotions balanced if we want to succeed.

I hope a this fresh introduction to the Page of Cup has helped you know him just a little bit more. 

Happy Taroting! 

Original Rider Waite -By A E Waite & Pamela Colman-Smith 
Published by  U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Fresh Look at the Court Cards - Page of Wands

I thought it might be time to take a look at those Court Cards once again. So let's kick off with the Pages.

Pages = Exploration, Study - Messenger of their Suit.

The Pages make me think of someone with enthusiasm for life, they exude new energy, creativity etc.  The Page of Wands has that fiery energy that is expressed through action.

Notice how this Page looks at his Wand sprouting new leaves, new potential, you can almost hear him say,'Now what should I do with those ideas?' He is definitely not afraid of change or of bringing change about. This is where he will use his creative potential. He is the messenger of his suit, and so he delivers news of the potential and if the cards around him support change, news etc. he could be also delivering the news of birth.

The Page is one step ahead of the Ace. No longer is the energy raw, yet to be formed, our Page has taken the idea and is now setting it into motion. His message, that spark of an idea has ignited, now he recognises that he must do something with it.

In a reading he may just be saying that you need some of his qualities. He could indicate that it's time for a change, a new beginning in life.  He could be nudging you to let those creative aspects come to the fore and consider what can be started. He could be telling you that the time is right for that spark of an idea to get a life and get going.

Now as with all the Court Cards he can also represent a person, if so this Page could be saying that person has his qualities of imagination and the ability to act quickly and with enthusiasm. (Remember Wands is a fire element.)  He may be an ambitious person and even though he may not have the experience yet to reach his goal, he will show the passion to follow it.

Wands are a fast moving suit, so another of this Page's messages could well be one of travel, or changes coming into your life.
Because he is a Page which means he is young he is not fearful, and will face any that he does experience head on. Think of him as the young boy who will take a chance, enjoy life and always be ready to start something new. 

Our Page is the boy who will turn into the Knight of this suit, and we all know that he goes rushing by as he embraces challanges and new adventures... Whoosh!

I hope after reading this you will know the Page of Wands a little better than before. 

Original Rider Waite -By A E Waite & Pamela Colman-Smith 
Published by  U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Ask Alice- Alice gives her advice about COVID-19

Alice The Wonder land Oracle by Lucy Cavendish - Artwork by Jasmin Becket-Griffith.
Published by Blue Angel.
I decided to ask Alice her opinion on what we should be doing to help ourselves understand better.

She gave me three cards 7 Investigate 29 Find the Lesson and 43 Manage to be Glad.

Alice says we should investigate, by that she means you should find out all the facts, ask the difficult questions and most importantly think before taking action, in other words, she wants you to use your logic not your emotions.

She tells us that life can be a challenge and present us with difficulties, but if you take a step back and find out the real facts, then you will have a better understanding of the situation.

She also says regardless of how difficult it is you must create your own happiness, that's how you will cope with the situation. 

Well, thank you Alice, great advice once again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Two Cards one interpretation

Joie de Vivre - published by U.S.Games Systems Inc.

You can face your challenges 
if you remain focused enough to stay on course.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Numbers and how they relate to tarot - Number 6

Sixes in tarot often represent harmony and respite after the initial disruption of the fives. It appears to be a number that can signify realisation, communication and balance.
Part of the sixes realisation and respite quality is to allow us to step back and use this time to appreciate the good things that we actually do have in life.
We know in the tarot sequence that 3 is the initial stage of completions, and we also know that 9 is the ultimate stage, 6 comes in the middle of this.  What I find interesting about number six is that it is influenced by what has gone before it, but it is now in a position to influence what is yet to come.

In the book The Secret Power of Numbers, Mary Anderson tells us that 6 is the number of the "romantic idealist." She also tells us that "happiness  for this number is essentially sharing and harmony in relationships."

The need for warmth, love, relationships and choices is all expressed in the No. 6 Card of the Major Arcana - The Lovers. Here we not only see those needs represented but also the ones of harmony and balance. In the Lovers Card we see union but also the element of realisation that the 6 suggests - the realisation that in any relationship there are choices to be made, ones that can life changing or ones that keep you stuck in a rut.

 6 Wands - Energy, action and creative intuition. Here we see the aspect of respite and harmony coupled with creativity. In  the image of this card we see the success achieved by previous actions and time out taken to appreciate its arrival. But what we also see, is the rider does not stand still but keeps moving forward, using that creative ability to further his goals.
We see how the 6 in this image was influenced by what went before and now it is the actions taken at this point that influences the further. The rider knows he must keep moving if he is to maintain a success and keep harmony and balance flowing -  another aspect of the six.

 6 Cups - Feelings, emotions, intuition, inspiration. This card illustrates for us the aspects of sharing and harmony. But it also shows the respite quality, in that it represents stopping and remembering those things that have helped shape ones life. In it, we also see the quality of realisation, perhaps waking up to the fact that one is investing too much of their time and energy in what was, rather than what is.  So, the aspect of balance is also apparent in the 6 of cups, as we take a look back, allow ourselves to partake in nostalgia but move on to the new future.

 6 Swords - Clarity, communication and mental active.  The 6 of Swords shows us the aspect of sense of harmony and balance regained, after the disruption of the five. It also suggests the aspect of realisation that one needs to move on from a situation or train of thought.  Part of the realisation quality is knowing that one must confront those thoughts in order to be rid of them, or they just come along for the ride.
6 Pentacles - Material, tangible, money - This card illustrates for us sharing, communication, relationships, harmony and balance. We see in this illustration the sympathetic, attractive and loving aspect of the 6. The balance is readdressed as one who has something is able to share it with those around him.  The gift of generosity is displayed and harmony is created in a kind and loving way.
Sixes then do seem to be about balance, harmony and union. The bringing together of thos opposite forces that exists in order to make them work better.  It is not only a number that illustrates that respite from disruption, its overall message does seem to me to be one of positive change.

**My write-ups on the number sequence in tarot are based on my understanding of many sources accessed over a period of several years.

CREDIT: Original Rider Waite -By A E Waite & Pamela Colman-Smith 
Published by  U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Secret Power of numbers by Mary Anderson
Published by The Aquarian Press 1972

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Gift - Tarot Spread

Christmas is a time for giving and this spread designed by me allows you to give a gift to yourself.

The spread involves 10 cards, but each line is read in answer to the question related to it.   This is the layout:


 The Gift
Here are the definitions for each line:

1. As you untie the ribbon, this is from where you start.

2: Peeling away the outer wrapping, this is what you reveal to yourself. 

3: Carefully removing the inner wrapping, this is what you come to understand about your hopes and fears.

4: Now as you hold your gift in the palm of your hand, this is how you recognise your own truth. 

OK, let's take this baby for a spin. Shuffling up the Deviant Moon Tarot.

1 -The Lovers -I appear to be starting from a place of balance and harmony within myself. My spirit and my conscious self are in union with each other.

2 - Sun Rx and 10 Swords - what I reveal about myself is that if I allow my mind to focus on fears whether they are real or not I can cause a separation in the union of my spirit and my mind.  This serves as a reminder to me to not let those thoughts get out of hand.

3 - The Devil - Judgement -9 of Cups. This is what I have come to understand about my hopes and fears. If I focus on those fears then I entrap my soul, fear can bind you into a dark corner and destroy the light that exists, but if I listen to my higher self I can always move up into the light and then the choices I have will be the best for me.

4: This is how I recognise my own truth - The Star - 7 Cups - 8 of Pentacles - The Chariot.  This set of cards tell me that if I keep my faith in myself and allow my creative imagination to form some sensible ideas, then work at it till I have got it right, I can take it further on a slow and steady course towards success.

OK so in short what is My Gift to myself then?  Basically what this set of cards is telling me is that I start right now from a good place, (and believe me I haven't always been there.) I should not allow any anxieties to get out of control, because that would destroy the harmony I have created within myself.  It reminds me to always listen to my higher self, this then raises my vibration to a level where my mind and spirit can work together. The truth of that is, my way forward will always be open.

If you try out this spread, I hope your gift to yourself is meaningful and helpful.

May I wish you all a Joyful Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year in 2020.


Credit: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza - Published by U.S Games Systems Inc.