Thursday, July 13, 2017

It's All In The Question - Tarot Reading

How best to frame a question for a Tarot reading?  Just ask you may say. However, it's how you ask your question that will or will not get you the best results. It is true that the type of answer you'll receive, depends on how you've asked your question. 

Tarot is a tool to help empower you to take responsibility for your own life. The cards do not make the decisions for you, they just suggest the various possibilities. What do you aim to get from a Tarot reading?  What it can do for you is help you gain clarity of thought when facing a challenge or problem in your life.  It is a tool that can help you look where you had not thought to look before. It can open the door to you forming a better and more constructive decision about the situation you are facing.

This brings us back to how you ask your question will affect the type of answer you receive. Instead of a question that requires a yes/no answers, and in my humble opinion, Tarot does not always deal with yes/no very effectively. You'll get more helpful results if you keep your questions open ended.  By this I mean:
How can I....?
What do I need to know/ understand/do......?
How can I improve my chances of.........?
How might I....?

You get the idea? This enables Tarot to show you those alternatives you might not have thought of for yourself, in order to either solve your problem or meet your goal. But best of all it allows the Tarot to empower you to make the right decisions for yourself.

As an example of what I'm talking about I'll show you two questions and how they can be put in a way that you hold all the power.

Instead of asking:  Is my boss ignoring me?
Try:  What can I do to improve the situation with my boss?

When you ask a question of the Tarot it should really be focused on yourself.  It might not be considered ethical to ask about another person who is absent from the reading.  

Instead of asking: Does my mother-in-law hate me?
Try:  How can I improve my relationship with my mother-in-law?

The  trick to getting the best answers from the Tarot is to make your question specific. The result you get from a reading will entirely depend on how you ask your question.  So next time you are doing a reading for yourself, or getting a reading done by another, remember to think about how best to frame your question in order to get good insights into what you could do to solve your problem.

Card: Tarot Bella, unfinished deck by Helen  


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